Bright Future for New Dry Dock

TAMPA, Fla. – November 30, 2017 – Hendry Marine Industries and Gulf Marine Repair purchased a new dry dock.  It is expected to arrive at the Tampa shipyard in late December.

Principal dimensions of the dry dock are as follows:
Length Overall: 94.800 m / 311.02 feet
Breadth: 24.200 m / 79.40 feet
Pontoon Depth: 3.500 m / 11.48 feet
Maximum Draft: 11.700 m / 38.39 feet
Max Draft over Pontoon Deck: 8.200 m / 26.90 feet

“The entire team at HMI and Gulf Marine worked hard on this transaction,” said Rick Watts, President of Gulf Marine.  “The future for HMI and Gulf Marine is bright, and this dry dock will allow us to service the next generation of tugs, government vessels, and many other types of vessels.  We’re excited about providing our customers with additional capacity, and this new dry dock is the perfect complement to our existing assets.”

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The Jones Act’s True Financial Impact

The Jones Act is once again in the crosshairs of detractors looking to open our domestic transportation service to allegedly cheaper foreign-flagged vessels. This topic frequently comes up after a natural disaster, and no one wants to be seen as a possible hindrance to moving essential goods to the area of need. Therefore, regardless of whether there are U.S. flag vessels available, the Department of Homeland Security will often issue a temporary waiver to the Jones Act to open additional avenues of transportation. (For the record, we do not object to the administration temporarily waiving the Jones Act in time of national emergency.)

By Captain Jere White & Eric F. Smith 2017-11-02 20:58:06

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