About Us

Anchor Sandblasting and Paintings, Inc., was founded in 2000 offering sandblasting, pressure washing and painting to maritime industry clients throughout the southeast. Initially, Anchor started with an 8-ton blast pot and was operating with a minimal staff. In May 2017, Hendry Marine Industries, Inc. acquired Anchor which now operates under the name Anchor Sandblasting and Coatings, LLC. “Joining forces with HMI is extremely exciting,” said Tony Stokes, President of Anchor. “We have worked alongside the HMI team on many projects in the past, so this transition will be smooth and seamless for our employees and customers.”

Now with over 200 pieces of equipment and approximately 75 employees, Anchor continues to provide quality and on time surface preparation, coatings, and scaffolding solutions for commercial and government vessels.

Merging the expertise of Anchor into the company’s core suite of services brings an opportunity to create a flexibility and competitiveness addressing the needs of both existing and new customers.  Hendry Marine Industries, Inc. offers vessel owners a one-stop shop for quality, efficient, and innovative ship repair. In addition to ship repair services through Gulf Marine Repair, the shipyard offers maritime remediation and gas-freeing services through its affiliate, Universal Environmental Solutions, allowing vessels to conveniently undergo all services at one location.

Forward Thinking

Anchor provides forward thinking on all projects through project planning and the use of specialized equipment.  This helps us anticipate potential issues so we can work through them with our customers and utilize the best equipment for the job.

Problem Solvers

Being creative and empowering our employees to be solutions-oriented is critical to our success. We work hard to cross-train our employees so they can better assist our customers with timely and effective solutions.

Customer Oriented

Our customers are our primary focus.  We work hard to develop long-lasting relationships through our high quality, on-time work, and we listen to customer feedback in order to foster continuous improvement.

An affiliate of Hendry Marine Industries, Inc.